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Everyone Loves Date Night!

Dating can be extremely expensive! It doesn’t matter if you’re single or taken, the price of dating is still the same.

But with the date ideas that I’ve thought up, I can be your cheap Love Guru!

Idea #1: Cook dinner at home and then go out for ice cream!

The best and cheapest meal to make is homemade pizza! Its super romantic and you will save about 4 or 5 dollars in eating out expenses! Plus, since ice cream is pretty affordable, go out for a cold dessert.

Idea #2: Get tickets to your high school’s latest sports game!

For the athletic couple, watching your favorite sport can be a rush! Purchase some really cheap tickets to a football, soccer, or any other game! Guaranteed fun and plus you’ll be around all your friends!

Idea #3: Take pictures at a local garden or around a lake!

If the only pictures you have as a couple are from last year’s homecoming (and you both had different dates) it’s time to update! This is easy to do with some pretty scenery and we have plenty of that around! Plus, the price to get into these places is very affordable, and 9 times out of 10 it’s free.

Idea #4: Have a picnic in the park!

It’s a very common suggestion that’s often overlooked by a lot of people. Not many couples take advantage of it. Pack a lunch with both of your favorite foods in it! Head out to a local park and find a cozy spot under a tree.

Idea #5: Be couch potatoes!

Although sometimes this leads to hermit crab disorder, it’s good to chill on the couch every once in a while! Grab some of your favorite movies from your home collection and have a movie marathon!

Bonus: Whatever you spend, it should be split between you! This way you’ll save even more money!

Follow through with these date ideas and you’ll see your dating skills improve without breaking your heart or wallet! 

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