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My Top Ten Gift Picks!

Are you having a hard time picking out a gift for a friend, family member, or special someone?

Take a look at these top ten affordable gift picks on my christmas list this year!  Maybe some of the things on my list will help you with the people you have on yours.


Scarf or beanie hat: Staying warm for the winter is a must, even for us Floridians! Plus with all the styles and colors available, scarves and hats have become a stylish accessory. 

Portable speakers for phone or iPod: I was just at American Eagle and they had a speaker in the shape of a squishy ball that attaches to your phone or iPod.  Not only cool, but super affordable.

To go cup or mug filled with candy:  Always a popular option, I mean who doesn’t love candy? Especially around the holidays!  Plus for those of us who are eco-conscious, you can always use a mug for your favorite coffee or cocoa over and over and over again.  Yum!

New smartphone case: If you’re like me and drop your phone almost every time you pick it up…  it’s time for you to get a case. Not only does it make your phone stand out, it protects it from scratches, dents and may prevent complete social devastation.

iTunes gift card: Nowadays, if you want new music, you don’t buy a CD – you buy it off iTunes! Plus you can make a $10 gift card stretch even further by making a list of single songs that you think your giftee will enjoy.  Or take thoughtful to a new level and use the song titles or parts of the lyrics to craft a unique Christmas card to hold the gift card. 

Tech-Friendly Gloves: It always annoys me when I have to take off my gloves to send a text or check my Facebook on my smartphone.  Thankfully someone came up with tech- friendly gloves, so I can do everything I want or need on my phone without suffering from finger frostbite.  Check out The NorthFace brand, they have SWEET tech gloves!

Colorful Slap Watch:  You may have seen people rockin’  these on their wrists already and for good reason because they are sick!  This is the new style for watches for both girls and guys! And, you can get them in almost any color you want – and they are so affordable you can have one for every day of the week or every outfit. 

Gamestop gift card: I may not be a guy but I know that guys love video games! Why not get your brother or perhaps a boyfriend a Gamestop gift card this Christmas? Whoever said “the stomach is a way to a man’s heart” must not have known about video games!

Stylish tote bag:  Tote bags make traveling so much easier. Whether I’m going to a sleepover at a friend’s house, a football game, or a trip to NYC for Christmas, I throw all my must-have items in my tote bag for easy access!

Lunch gift card:  I almost always get a gift card for Chick-Fil-A in my stocking for Christmas! I can’t express my love for delicious chicken nuggets, waffle fries, and a cookies-and-cream milkshake! I can’t be alone in my love of a free, delicious lunch so this might be a great gift option for someone on your list too.  Gift cards that involve food are always a good thing!

If you want to give an amazing gift this year, get your hands on one these hot christmas gift items!

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