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Games. Hoops. Brackets… Oh My!

It’s that time of year – when 68 college basketball teams battle it out over 3 weeks to determine NCAA’s national champ!

March Madness

Most of us, whether we’re basketball fans or not, have heard the term March Madness.  It’s a time when college basketball fans seem to start coming out the wazoo everywhere you go!  A time when people are glued to their TV for hours on end.  And a very emotional time on top of that.  People take their sports tournaments very seriously, especially if they have been a devoted fan for such a long time.  I was reading online the other day that a ton of people call in sick to work during March Madness so they can stay home and watch their team play. Or if they do go to work, they spend more time watching the games on their computer or phone than getting actual work done.  What?! All that for a basketball game?!

Thankfully, no one in my family is that crazy into the games. Don’t get me wrong, my dad enjoys watching hoops from the couch every now and then, and occasionally he feels the rush when the team he is rooting for pulls out a win in the last half second of the game.  It’s exciting, it’s madness!  Who doesn’t love the camaraderie of it all?

Sweet Sixteen

Tomorrow actually starts something pretty special, the Sweet Sixteen semi-final games.  I personally don’t have a team I follow year round, but I am pretty partial to my local Florida teams.  I was a little upset to see USF and FSU knocked out of the running already.  I had high hopes that they’d make it a little further, but UF is still in it though which is pretty great.  I have a ton of friends doing the “chomp” as the Gators make it closer and closer to that National Championship title. Several of my friends are actually cheering for out-of-state teams who have a good shot at making it to the Final Four.  But no matter if your team wins or loses, the moral of the story is… don’t let the “madness” take away from the joy of the game!  Just relax, sit back with some grub, and enjoy the talent that may one day be in the NBA!

And for those of you think college basketball is the greatest thing since sliced bread, who do YOU think will be in the Final Four?!

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