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Strawberry Festival Savings

The Strawberry Festival is here!

Whether you’re a carnival ride fanatic, or you like to keep your feet planted on the ground, now’s your chance to get your fair on!  The Strawberry Festival is going on this week in Plant City.  There’s rides galore, lots of yummy food, games, games & more games – and of course, strawberry shortcake.  But if you’re gonna go, you need to keep a few things in mind.

Make a Dash for Cash

Grab some cash before you go.  Yes, you can use your debit card to buy most things, but it’s easier to keep yourself from blowing your budget if you bring cash. Plan what you’re going to spend so you don’t overspend! Think about how many rides you want to ride, how much food you’re going to eat, and what kind of festival souvenirs you’re going to get. Personally, I would bring a little over $100. Festival expenses can get pretty high if you want to walk away with experiencing every ride or every food!

Stop by an ATM before you go.  If you use the ATMs at the festival, more than likely you’ll be charged a surcharge fee.  That is a fee that the owner of the ATM charges your account for using their machine.  Then, your bank may also charge you a small fee for using someone else’s ATM.  But check this out – if you bank with MIDFLORIDA and have an RT4T account, you have several options for getting cash for free. 

  1. You can go by a MIDFLORIDA ATM and you won’t be charged a fee.  Obviously!  
  2. You can use a Publix Presto! ATM and the fee will be waived for you.  That’s a special bonus that RT4T account holders get.  Sweet!  
  3. Another simple thing you could do is buy a pack of gum from Walgreens (so you can use it after eating a bunch of deep fried oreos) and get cash back at the register! 

Moonlight Magic Night

On Friday, March 9, you can ride the rides as late as 3am!!  Plus, you can get an armband for just $20 instead of buying individual tickets.  There’s all sorts of fun to be had.  And if you play your cards right you could walk away from the Strawberry Festival without empty pockets!

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