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A Post-Valentine’s Day Guide to Dating

If your Valentine’s Day wasn’t an A+ then this  blog is for you!

RT4T! I trust you are having a wonderful day! I know I am. I had an exam yesterday that was a walk in the park. Mass Media Law ain’t nothin’ for this guy! Other than that, it’s been same old, same old for me. Today, since Valentine’s Day was last week, I thought it was time for a blog on love.  Maybe your Valentine’s Day wasn’t a homerun. Make the next date the best date ever!!

Tips/Ideas from the love doctor

Love don’t cost a thing. Let me start off with something very important. If you’re broke, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great date night with someone special.  The amount of money you spend on a person does not indicate how much you like that person. For instance, my friend spent over $200 (no, I am not joking) on a gift for his girlfriend this year. They have not even been dating a month! Hopefully he doesn’t read this because I think that’s crazy!! So don’t stress over the gift – it’s about the company, not the cost.

Be creative. This one helps if you’re broke, because at the end of the day, it really is the thought that counts.  Plan something creative. Something that pertains to his/her interests. For example, one time this girl I was seeing and I had a nice dinner down on a lake with candles, sushi, etc. It didn’t break the bank, but it meant a lot. Handmade gifts are wonderful and appreciated much more than a store-bought gift…even if you’re not the Picasso of your generation.

Dress up. This one should be obvious. If you’re a man, wear a tie or a button-up shirt instead of a t-shirt. Ladies, heels or even a casual dress would be really nice. It makes the evening more special, something different. Even if you’re just going out for coffee or dinner, it’s that little extra something. And all the old couples will look at you and say, “AWW!”

Stereotypical isn’t always a bad thing. Chocolate. Flowers. Dinner. Coffee. There’s nothing wrong with that equation. Being creative is wonderful, but there is nothing wrong with doing the classics. It’s romantic. It’s thoughtful. It’s classy.

Dating, the worst and best times of your life

So, there they are. I think I did a pretty good job. Trust me, it took plenty of bad dates, all on my part, to make this list. But, I think the most important thing to remember is to be yourself.  People know when you’re trying to look cool or act different. And remember, chances are the other person is just as nervous as you.

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