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How Money-Smart are you?

I feel sooo invigorated!

Goooooood afternoon everyone! In case you didn’t see the giant green text above, let me reiterate, I feel sooo invigorated!! And this new found pep in my step isn’t from something like a new car or a good night of sleep. (I’m in college, how often does that happen?) No, this resurgence, this reinvention is from the Internet returning itself to my apartment! It’s been over a month with no Internet access and I have been going mad!!! With two online classes you could imagine the Internet being quite helpful. So, I’m in a great mood today!! How ’bout you?!

Today, I have something extra special for all of you. It’s not as awesome as our Love is in the Air Giveaway (be sure to check our Facebook and Twitter today for the new word to text in), but it can be very helpful.  Try this quiz to see just how money-smart you are:

I consider myself a money Einstein!

  1. How do you know when you have spent more money than you have in your account?
    a. I usually just spend until my debit card stops working.
    b. I keep careful track of my purchases and subtract them from my balance as I go.If you answered “a,” don’t feel bad. I have had many a day where the lady or gentleman at the cash register said, “Sorry, you’re broke!” It’s embarrassing, isn’t it? Keep track of your money.  If you have an RT4T account, you can check your balance using the MIDFLORIDA app on your phone or with Online Banking on your computer. 
  2. Your parents give you a credit card, but tell you it’s only for emergencies. What do you do?
    a. I use the card whenever I need new clothes or want to eat fast food. It’s free money!
    b. I only use the credit card for emergencies, and I let my parents know whenever I use it.Now this is something I haven’t personally experienced. My parents were never foolish enough to give me their credit card. My mom knows how I love to spend. But let me tell you, I’m pretty sure any parent can look at the bill and see that three rounds of mini golf at Family Fun Center is not an emergency.
  3. Which best describes what you do with the money you earn from allowance and/or your part-time job?
    a. I spend it all within a few days on things like clothes, music or movies.
    b. I save each month for my big goals like college and owning a car.Now for me, this is a fifty/fifty thing. Sometimes I’m guilty of “a.” But then it’s rough at the end of the month when you are flat broke. Try budgeting your money so that you put some aside to save and keep some to spend, especially if you’re like me and feel the need to buy all the things!!!

  4. Are you planning to go to college? Which of these describes your attitude about paying for college?
    a. I don’t worry about it. It can’t be that expensive, and I’m sure my parents will cover the costs.
    b. I have a savings account for my college fund that I contribute to regularly, and have already started looking at scholarships.I was very sure that my parents would cover all my spending in college. That didn’t last long. Luckily, I had saved up a good chunk of cash the summer before my first semester. I suggest the same thing.  Saving money ahead of time for everyday college expenses (not just tuition) can help you enjoy and adapt to your new life rather than working your entire first semester.  

Okay so maybe I was wrong. Einstein I am not.

Didn’t do as well as you thought you would? Me neither. Well, today is a new day!! I’m feeling invigorated and ready to save some money. You can save some money too by entering the Love is in the Air Giveaway and win everything you need for a fun night out! So do it! NOW!

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