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Matt’s Movie Reviews: Lincoln

Bloggin’ about movies!

Well hello there!  Since today starts the weekend, I thought I’d share another movie review with you in case you need some ideas of how to spend your Friday night.  I love seeing movies. As of right now I still need to see: Zero Dark Thirty and Argo. I got an offer to go see Mama, they latest horror flick, but I turned it down. I hate scary movies. I’m kind of a baby when it comes to them, and I don’t see much point in paying $9 to see a movie that will only bring me nightmares. Anyways, on to the review!


What to say about this movie? It’s good. There, I’m done. Boy, I have a way with words. NO, but seriously, it’s really good. Which is what I say about, I think, all the movies I’ve reviewed so far. It’s really rare that I will go see a movie unless it looks good. Maybe I should go see a movie that looks horrible so I can have some more variety. Whatever, back to Lincoln.

As I said so eloquently, this movie is good. The acting is better than good, it’s amazing. Daniel Day Lewis plays the 16th President, a role he has already won a Golden Globe for. He really makes Lincoln come off in so many different lights. President. Father. Husband. But overall, a passionate man with big dreams for the country. However, I learned that Honest Abe may not have been as honest as we have been taught. The movie is about him pushing the 13th Amendment to be ratified. Shockingly though, the support for the 13th Amendment, which made slavery illegal, was not as great as one would think during the late Civil War. Lincoln uses some very sly tactics to help him get the votes he needs.

Other standout performances in this movie include Tommy Lee Jones as a House member backing the amendment. There’s a real touching seen with him towards the end of the movie that had the audience very emotional. Lincoln’s team of traveling amendment campaigners, with their unorthodox methods, make for some good laughs. Overall, this movie is incredibly touching, with both the character of Abraham Lincoln and the eventual, not really a spoiler, fall of slavery.

I can feel Oscar breathing down my neck

I hope you all enjoyed the review! Is anyone else excited about the Oscars?! I know I’m not the only movie fanatic!


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