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Music’s Biggest Night!

My favorite night of the year!!!

Hello, hi, howdy.  How are you? Ready for the weekend? Me as well. I’m going to Epcot this weekend, and it’s going to be AWESOME!! But, that’s not the only thing I’m super excited for. I am really looking forward to today’s blog post because it is on… The Grammys!! I know I’m a little late - The Grammys were on Sunday, but Valentine’s Day got in the way. If you didn’t know, music is my everything.  As I am writing this blog I’m listening to this rad band, Holograms. Really great music!

The Grammys!!

Some of the acts were incredible and some…not so much.  A few that  I enjoyed were:

  • Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z –  (I’m a huge fan of Jay) Nice performance of JT’s new song, “Suit & Tie”.
  • Fun. I’ve been on the fence for a while about Fun, but I have to say they did great job. At the end of their performance the whole band got drenched by rain which made for a stellar performance.
  • Mumford & Sons wasn’t bad either. Their performance wasn’t anything spectacular, something that would be expected for a banjo-playing folk band, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t good. 
  • Bruno Mars and Sting’s tribute to Bob Marley was pretty impressive.
  • Frank Ocean – It was moving because he was running.  Just watch it - you will get it.

But, now we come down to the two most important, to me anyway, performances. Jack White (formerly from The White Stripes) and The Black Keys. Both are blues rock bands.  It’s interesting to note that these two don’t like each other very much. Jack accused The Black Keys of copying his sound in the early 2000′s.  At the Grammys, The Black Keys played with Dr. John on piano and a marching band. They played “Lonely Boy,” a song that won them many awards throughout the night. And they sounded great. Then there was Jack White. He was on another league of performers Sunday night – and I’m not the only one who has said this.  He played two songs: “Love Interruption” which he peformed with his all female backup band, and “Freedom at 21″ with his all guy band. He ripped that stage apart. “Love Interruption” is a sweet ballad with some nice instruments. But “Freedom at 21″ was incredible. Jack’s guitar playing was off the cuff, as usual, and the guitar solo melted Rihanna’s face. He ended the performance by throwing his guitar across the stage. Awesome! Jack didn’t win any awards that night, but who cares – he already has six.

Another interesting point is that only about 7 of the 78 categories were aired on TV.  I guess people are more into the actual music…and they should be.  Congrats to Mumford & Sons for winning Album of the Year (an award I felt should have gone to someone else), to a very-deserving Adele for Best Pop Performance and to Fun for Best New Artist and Record of the Year.

Maybe next year they won’t show any awards at all, just throw a huge concert. I’m okay with this.

And that’s it. The Grammys. Not a bad year. I was really impressed by some of the artists that performed. If you watched it, who was your favorite? If you didn’t, check out some of the performances.

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