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Scholarships: Free Money!

A college kid’s best friend!

Hello there! How are you? Yes, you. In the red shirt. Blue pants. No, not you. YES, you. Things well? How’s your mom? Okay, that was weird. Pretty strange way to start a blog. But, that’s why it’s my blog. I do what I want! Anywayssss, is anyone else looking forward to this weekend? This week has just taken everything out of me. I need some sleep and a little R&R. But now is the time to talk about something more important (and often more elusive) to your future than anything else…scholarships.

Some scholarships you probably didn’t know existed!

Writers of the Future Scholarship

Are you a science fiction writer trying to get your work off the ground? Then this is the scholarship for you! Every three months, multiple scholarships worth $700-$1,000 are given away through the Writers of the Future Scholarship.


American Fire Sprinkler Association Scholarship

Now this one just might be worth it! All you do is read about fire sprinklers (fascinating, I know) and take a short quiz on them. You have a chance to win $2,000 – so why not?


Tall Clubs International Scholarship

This is a scholarship I have no chance of getting. But, maybe you do! The only thing you do to enter is… be tall. To enter, women must be at least 5’10”, and men must be at least 6’2”.


Okay, so here is something all of you can do!

The MIDFLORIDA Credit Union/Rebecca Keith Scholarship

Now, here’s one that hits close to home. Up to twenty students, one from each high school in Polk and Highlands counties, will be selected to win $4,000 ($1,000 for 4 years)!!! That’s crazy! That will buy you at least three books in college. Kidding, they’re not that expensive, but they aren’t cheap either!

How to Apply

For students in Highlands County that want to apply, just speak to your school’s guidance counselor.  They can give you more info.  For Polk County, the online scholarship application opens today and you have until noon on February 26. If you have any questions at all, or want to look for more scholarships, check out the link below!


It’s free to enter, and you could win big!

Be sure to apply, apply, apply. Trust me. It will help out big time! And have a lovely weekend.

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